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New God Eater developer diary

Have you been watching our previous developer diaries? Series Producer Yusuke Tomizawa and Game Director Hiroshi Yoshimura are back with another episode focused on the multiplayer, giving you even more insights behind the God Eater series. Have you played the game with a friend? Share your experience below!

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I have a question!!how can i get my money back after i bought this junk?

The multiplayer needs an option for people who get disconnected to join back , and if the chat cap was removed that would be nice._.

one thing that bugs me about playing online, is that there is a lot of people who won't play with you just because you have a lower story progress.
Thankfully I'm not one of those people and i will play with anyone regardless of their progress.
What i get out of it is more material, skills with +1 and more Avatar Cards... oh and the bullets people make.
Talking of bullets, any way i can have the list of moduels used to make the bullets in the videos?

God Eater Wiki Admin/ Made trophy guide for GE2RB

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