Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"The time has come for me to leave those logs behind in the hope they'll inspire brave souls to take on their Aptitude Test. May they carry on our fight against resilience and hopelessness. May they never, by word or deed, bring reproach upon the fair name of our organization. Let them teach the world that hope still exists and that together, we will all sail on freedom's wind once again.

Take a stand, reader, join the God Eaters."


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I'm sure someone will continue those logs in the future!

I'm a veteran GE player since original & first GE.

What an adventure it's been. Thank you Reika :) and thank you Shinji, wherever you are!
If you've been following this adventure along, please let us know what you thought of it below!

God Eater Community Manager for Europe+Russia+ME!

It's been fun, also i discovered a few things i never knew before.
Don't leave it for solong next time... When God Eater Online and God Eater 3 come out in japan, I want them to come out in English around the same time, not 3 years later.
Also i hope this dosen't mean the end of stuff posted here.

God Eater Wiki Admin/ Made trophy guide for GE2RB

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