Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura

LOG 44: UNIT 1

"There has been some changes since I got out of the brig. Dr. Rachel has decided to take the Friar to Fenrir's Far East Branch where we met Dr. Paylor Sakaki, the local Branch Director. This intriguing man knows my brother and holds him in high esteem. I also got the chance to meet Emil's Unit, the legendary 1st Unit. Their leader is a kindhearted Ranged Type God Eater who fought alongside Shinji, named Kota Fujiki.

The last member of the 1st Unit's is a young girl called Erina der Vogelweid who decided to follow the steps of her fallen brother and become a God Eater. I can't wait to work hand in hand with those new allies on our next Mission, I heard their local engineer developed a way to make use of undeployed God Arcs. Ciel's been telling me about something special happening to her Bullets since her Blood Power awoke, should I check that out first?"



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yes, blood bullets.

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