Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"This morning, we received a distress signal from the outskirts of an old power plant requesting assistance against a Psion. The Psions are a new invasive species of Aragami who possess unique Blood Abilities. I learned the Marduk is one of the Psions. It has the "Pulsating" ability which disable any God Arc in the vicinity except for Blood Unit members. Now I know why Emil's God Arc was unresponsive.

We intervened as fast as we could and managed to help out another God Eater called Alisa Illinichina Amiella from Fenrir Far East's Cradle Unit. She told me I reminded her of someone. Could it be that she knew Shinji? I'll have to read through my brother's logs once again... I heard Dr Rachel's sister Leah wants to see me but I didn't have much time getting close to my comrades lately, should I check up on them first?"



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I would really like to find out what happen to Yuu. I get the feeling something bad happen, but inorder to keep their friendship alive, they act as if he is ok because they ultimately don't want to think about it.
... or maybe he realy is on a mission that takes years to complete.
One of the things i really like about GE is that it gets my imagination going, yeah, i know there is the set story in each game, but exploring the mysteries and stories and thinks that could of happened behind the scenes is really interesting.

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