Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


" Something really special happened today. Emil von Strasbourg was dispatched from Fenrir Far East's 1st Unit to help us. We went on a Mission with the Blood Unit and faced a great danger, an Aragami of a totally different league: the Marduk. For some reason, the Marduk managed to render Emil's God Arc unresponsive. When I saw Emil in imminent danger, something deep down in my blood awoke.

I sensed an overwhelming feeling of power and instinctively, I concentrated it in a single blow that cost the Marduk one of his eyes. The deadly Aragami took off and Emil was saved. Julius confirmed my suspicions: I have awakened my Blood Power!"



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there are so many BAs, i have jet to learn them all.

God Eater Wiki Admin/ Made trophy guide for GE2RB

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