Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"I was just too curious to meet someone whose duty is to protect Julius so I took the chance to meet Ciel Alencon. She and Julius went to the same orphanage, the Magnolia Compass, founded by Dr. Rachel. I understand now how such a duty befell on her, her militaristic upbringing left little space for emotions so she behaves like a perfect soldier.

But I can feel that behind her calm and rather detached demeanor, she might be left wanting on a friendship level. It's good to know the Blood Unit's ranks are growing and I'm sure I'll have occasions to get to know her better."



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For those who don't know...
If you Clear Ciel's first 3 character episodes, it will unlock the ability to edit and create "Blood Bullets" in the bullet editor... which is important if you ever hope to make super powerfull bullets.

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