Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"There's a new member in the Blood Unit. His name is Gilbert McLane, he was transferred to Friar from the Glasgow Branch. I heard all sorts of rumors about him but he seems trustworthy enough for me. Romeo and him don't get along and I have to admit Gilbert's temper can be a little off-putting. In any case, I'm thankful to him for teaching me how to use the Charge Spear form of my God Arc.

The spear is mainly used as a hit & run style weapon. It can do some devastating damage but can also leave you open to enemy attacks if you miss. Using it to thrust requires pinpoint accuracy to land critical hits. Alternatively, with swiping attacks, hits if weaker are guaranteed."





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i need to learn ho to use the spear...

God Eater Wiki Admin/ Made trophy guide for GE2RB

*how to...

God Eater Wiki Admin/ Made trophy guide for GE2RB

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