Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


“I'm on a good run so I took on a Mission with Romeo. It's nice to have such a positive mood maker around and despite his boisterous personality he really is a great asset on the battlefield. This Mission was the perfect occasion to try out my God Arc's Variant Scythe form. With Romeo pinning down my targets, I made really good use of the scythe's range flexibility.

The blade can extend to reach escaping Aragami and flying foes. Its fast attack rate makes up for its lack of sheer power. I noticed that by making long horizontal swipes with the scythe, I could hit multiple enemies at the same time. This God Arc form clearly offers a new strategic potential that could prove to be very useful on the fields."



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For those that haven't figuired it out yet...
I'm not sure what the exact name of the combo move is but if you press:
R1 + Square
Then Triangle
Then R + Square...
The Scythe will extend outward (R+Square) then slash & hold vertiacally(Triangle), pausing for a second, pressing R + Square will cause the scythe to glow red and pulls back towards you.
I think thats how to explain it...

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