Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"I now understand why the Boost Hammer is Nana's favorite God Arc form. We teamed up on a Mission this morning and I decided to try it out. The Boost Hammer offers surprisingly good mobility and is a rather slow yet powerful weapon. Using it requires focus and landing those heavy blows can be a bit tricky against quick foes.

Nana taught me different series of swings adapted to various combat situations. When fully charged, it's possible to trigger the hammer's Rocket Booster to inflict devastating crushing damage. This weapon requires a lot of stamina however, which is probably why Nana eats so much... I want to try the Variant Scythe form next. Should I could check out different uniforms and outfits before heading out?"



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I was suprised at how powerful the hammers are. but... i think i'll stick to my short and long blades.

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