Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"Today I am proud to know that I've been through the same ordeal Shinji went through before becoming a God Eater. My brother was right, the Aptitude Test really is extremely painful but the satisfaction of joining the ranks of those who fight to make a difference is greater.

I met my superior, the Captain of the Blood Unit, Julius Visconti. He really seems trustworthy. I'm not surprised he's in charge of the Unit, he has the aura of a natural-born leader. Julius would like to supervise my training at the Training Center but I can also go and meet Dr. Rachel Claudius to learn some more about the Blood Unit. What should I do?"



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Go to the Training... stay away from Rachel.
Talking of meeting people,
...although apperance can appear to be nice and seem to caring. Trust No one. Sure many of those around you really are nice people and make great friends... There are those out there who seek you use you as tools for the bigger picture...
Soo... Yeah, Stay away from Rachel...

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Since my buddy Deaddoctor2010 went MIA, i'll take his place for a while.

Anyway to the main topic, go to the Training Center first, training is always required to make sure you're fully prepared in your first mission. You can go to Dr. Rachel later.

I'm a veteran GE player since original & first GE.

Yeah sorry i switch internet suppiler so i was off line for a week...

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