Shinji’s Diary Reika Kagura


"My name is Reika Kagura. My brother Shinji left this journal three years ago when he joined Fenrir's Russian Branch. Nothing brings me more joy than knowing, after all this time, that my brother is alive and well. I am now aboard Friar, Fenrir's Mobile Fortress. As I'm expected to take the Aptitude Test myself, I decided to continue Shinji's journal in the hope of inspiring future generations to take a stand and fight for a better future.

A lot has changed since my brother's last log, the world itself has changed. We are now facing a new threat against which we are completely helpless: the Black Plague. This incurable disease wrecks havoc among us through its dreadful pandemic spreader, the Red Rain. Any contact with the mysterious rain will result in an inescapable death."



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Hi Reika Kagura,

Wow! its been 3 years already?
There was so much more to talk about...

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