Shinji’s Diary Shinji Kagura


“The Vajra that nearly killed me. This time, the vicious Aragami was no match for the 1st Unit. I swear, however, that this was no easy fight. At first, the Vajra moved so fast it easily outmaneuvered us but once we synchronized our attacks we managed to pin it down.

When facing such a foe, coordination is paramount. We found a way to anticipate its deadly lightning bolts by observing its offensive patterns. This Aragami seemed vulnerable in the front legs, abdomen and tail and our Stun Grenades got more effective once it was enraged. Lindow gave me the honor of delivering the final blow. The Vajra is no more.



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The Vajra is nothing compared to what you've yet to face.

God Eater Wiki Admin/ Made trophy guide for GE2RB

Speaking of the "REVENGE ON THE VAJRA" the fight was quite hard, I got quite frustrated fighting it but I somehow managed it. Now whenever I fight those enemies they don't stand a chance.


I love this game, one of the best monster hunting games I've ever played. I recommend it to anyone and everyone, if you don't have it get it now! I mean like right now! It's an amazing game fast action monster hunting game with very interesting story; there are happy moments and sad too it can even make you cry if you are soft hearted with it's harsh environment but all of it build up to the final picture. I can guarantee you that you won't regret buying this game and if you already have it well done you, you deserve a tap on the back because you know what is good.


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