Shinji’s Diary Shinji Kagura


"I discovered that by teaming up with the same people frequently, I eventually develop affinities with them which potentially unlocks Support Abilities. Depending on the nature of my team mates, whether they be on the ground or just backup, different perks are activated.

I can, for instance, salvage more Materials or my team members can have bigger supplies of Grenades or Traps. Everyone has unique Personal Abilities. I think I should choose who I regularly team up with wisely from now on."



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I used to always team up with Soma, Kota and Sakuya, but now that Ren joined my team, I replaced Sakuya with him. my back up's Licca though.

GER: IGN: Jochira Codename: Joxraich

I always pick Licca/Rikka as my support (back up) and customise her PAs via the terminal, in RB she drops a lot of BA/BB chance of awakening cards.

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